Pittsburgh Mobile Chiropractic

Relief is just a phone call
or text message away!

What to Expect

I am to make appointments as easy to schedule by offering phone, text message and online appointment scheduling. In addition I offer appointment times as early as 8 am and as late as 8 pm. I afford patients the option of scheduling their initial intake and history to be performed via telephone or video chat to allow for us to spend more time on treatment during your initial visit. On your initial visit a full medical history will be performed, review of systems (ROS), medication history, range of motion assessment, orthopedic and neurological assessment. Following the examination I will provide an initial working diagnosis, an explanation of appropriate treatments, the risks and benefits of treatment

Treatment would be just as you would expect in a traditional office environment, first we would talk about any changes since the previous visit. An assessment would be performed and followed by a chiropractic treatment, muscle work and/or stretching and any exercises or home care activities that would need to be done for the next visit. In some cases Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) or heat/ice will be administered.

Follow up visits and possible ongoing care will be discussed and scheduled before I leave.