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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting in February 2020, we will be an in-network provider for most major insurances. A small service fee will be added separate from your co payment and insurance reimbursement.

  • Highmark BC/BS
  • UPMC Health Plan
  • Medicare
  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare

Neck pain
Lower back pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Shoulder pain
TMJ pain
Sports injuries
Herniated or bulging spinal discs
Spinal stenosis
Plantar fasciitis
General Deconditioning associated with chronic neck and lower-back injuries

Absolutely! Most patients are scheduled on the same day or within 24 hours. The easiest method to schedule is via text messaging and also by phone or email

Home visits consist of chiropractic manipulation, stretching, muscle work and spinal rehabilitation exercises. A typical visit lasts approximately 20 minutes and a visit for a new patient lasts 30-45 minutes

Insurance claims can be submitted to major insurance plans, if this is the case then a small service fee will be added to your copayment to offset travel costs for Dr. Buncke.

It is a therapy based on the principle that the body has a self-healing, recuperative capacity and that there is a relationship between the structure of the skeleton and the function of the body. The relationship between the structure of the skeleton and the nervous system is the basis of the chiropractic approach to healing. Chiropractors believe that people are healthier when the nervous system is functioning at it’s optimum and they are no longer experiencing pain.

Yes, spinal manipulation is very safe. In a 2004 study in the Journal of Manual Therapies, the most common post-adjustment reactions were are follows: headache (19.8%), stiffness (19.5%), local discomfort (15.2%), radiating discomfort (12.1%) and fatigue (12.1%). These reactions began within 4 hours and generally disappeared within the next 24 hours. Infrequent but potentially serious side effects include: vertebrobasilar accidents (VBA), strokes, spinal disc herniation, vertebral and rib fractures, and cauda equina syndrome. [8]These side effects only occur in a small percentage of patients. In many cases treatment does not hurt and many patients feel an immediate reduction in pain and stiffness.

Generally x-rays are not performed on every patient. There are times during the course of the history and exam when certain findings make obtaining x-rays a critical part of the treatment process. The rationale for x-rays will be discussed with the patient so that an informed decision can be made.

I typically attempt to stay within a radius of about 15 miles from Moon Township but I will travel farther with in the greater Pittsburgh region. Distances outside of the 15 mile radius are subject to additional fees.